Minute® Rice

Minute® Rice ... We can help.®Minute® Rice has been a pantry staple which has helped consumers for over 60 years. 

Minute® Brown Rice, ready in 10 minutes, is naturally wholesome precooked parboiled whole grain brown rice with a rich nutty taste and slightly chewy texture.  Or, maybe you would like to mix it up and try our Minute® Multi-Grain Medley?  Our new instant medley is a blend of four popular gluten free 100% whole grains ... ready in only 10 minutes. Of course there's the ORIGINAL instant rice is fluffy and delicious -- ready in just 5 minutes – no cooking required.  For a delicious, precooked, parboiled long grain rice try our Minute® Premium White Rice.  Delicious and quick Minute® Ready to Serve Rice is available in nine different flavors which are all fully cooked with nothing to add.

For delicious recipe ideas, product information and more, visit: www.minuterice.com; or, join the conversation online: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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