Skinner® Pasta

For over 100 years, Skinner® Pasta has provided delicious meals to families throughout the southeast.

Skinner® PastaThe SKINNER story began in Omaha, Nebraska when two brothers, Lloyd M. and Paul F. Skinner, opened their diversified food business in 1911. The brothers ran a bakery, meatpacking services and cold-storage operations along with pasta production. Shortly after World War II, Lloyd purchased the pasta and bakery business from his brother. Son Lloyd E. Skinner took over the business from his father and led the company in the acquisition of several other regional pasta makers in the 1960s.

Skinner® Pasta is distributed throughout the southeast United States and most popular in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Louisiana. Now with our online store, you can purchase some of your favorite Skinner® Pasta items.


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