Ronzoni® Smart Taste® Angel Hair

Ronzoni® Smart Taste® Angel Hair (12 oz.)

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Capelli d'angelo" is Italian for "Angel hair", is the thinnest of all pasta strands. Because it is so thin, it cooks in only 2 minutes! Angel Hair is great for light entrees, side dishes or broken and cooked in soups. This delicate pasta works best with very thin tomato-based or broth-based sauces or simple olive oil tosses. To match the delicacy of this shape, use finely chopped vegetables, seafood or chicken in angel hair tosses .

RONZONI SMART TASTE, one of the three Ronzoni Healthy Pastas, is enriched with Fiber, Calcium and Vitamin D -- and lots of it. RONZONI SMART TASTE has 2.5 times the Fiber of regular white pasta and is an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D. RONZONI SMART TASTE has the same great taste as white pasta but with even greater nutritional value.

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